About Us

Our Mission

To help people live a better, healthier, wholesome and classier life by providing them with 100% certified, authentic organic food products and handicrafts.

Our Vision

  • To be the leading brand of Organic food and handicrafts in India.

  • To give back to the environment and advance on a path to sustainability.

  • To make consumers aware of the benefits of organic food by giving them healthy choices of eating.

  • To create a big movement that would lead people to switch to organic food and take up a healthier lifestyle just like it used to be hundreds of years ago, when pesticides were not introduced and everything we ate was natural and chemical free.

  • To provide authentic and beautiful handicrafts from all over India and support the local artisans who are ever so hard-working. 

Our Promise


We choose what’s best for our customers, our farmers, our artisans, our employees and our planet. It’s a tall order, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We’re not in the business of making shareholders happy. In fact, we don’t have shareholders. We’re in the business of providing premium, organic food products and authentic handicrafts to everyone.

Our commitment to organic ensures that farmers and artisans aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides.

We’ve earned a reputation among farmers and artisans for being too picky and overly demanding. This is something we’re proud of. Because we just don’t provide food products and handicrafts, we do it with love, care and commitment to quality and authenticity. We believe that if we care about everything we do and everyone we serve, then you’ll be able to taste, see and feel the love.


Our goal is to do things the right way. Right by our customers, right by our farmers and artisans, right by our family of employees and right by our Mother Earth. The right way isn’t always the smart way or the easy way, but it’s the only way we’re interested in.


Our Story

Supriya Baigra and her husband Akshat Paliwal have recently launched Suksh, a Premium Organic Food and Handicrafts Brand. They are based out of Faridabad, Haryana and have a pan-India delivery base of food products like Organic Saffron, Organic Kahwa, Organic Walnuts, Organic Rajma, Morel (Guchhi) Mushrooms, Dry Fruits, etc. and handicrafts like paper mache decorative products, handbags, etc. 

Supriya is the founder of Suksh. It all started with her quest in search of the finest and healthiest food products on Earth, born out of the desire to offer clean, genuine, pure and organic food products to the world. Handicrafts were added shortly as a separate product line as well. Prior to founding Suksh, Supriya worked as a PR professional in Overseas Infrastructure Alliance, New Delhi (OIA). She has 5 plus years of experience in PR, Budget Controlling and Sales. She is an MBA graduate from Symbiosis University, Pune and her extensive experience in PR, Budget Controlling and Sales helps her to understand the needs of her brand’s consumers and deliver quality service with sincere commitment.

Akshat is the Business Head at Suksh. He is a young and energetic professional, with an excellent track record of working in the Management Consulting industry for a period of over 8 years. Highly skilled in Consulting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Market Research, Data Collection and Project Management, he has worked in various esteemed organizations like Toluna, AIP (Now known as Rakuten Insights) and Liquidhub (Now known as Capgemini Invent). He possesses a strong IT, Consulting and Business acumen. He has successfully completed the Accelerated General Management Programme 2018-19 from Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad and has dived into the world of entrepreneurship.

It’s impossible to separate the birth of Suksh from the birth of Supriya and Akshat’s son, Artham.

Suksh is a registered brand name of Artham Enterprises. The brand name Suksh was coined by Supriya by taking alphabets from her name and Akshat’s name.


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